How can business owners (and individuals) question the core assumptions of their lives and drive themselves to achieve their goals? Bill Hauser shared his insights on Breakfast with Champions. Listen to the full podcast here or read the summary below.

3 Things That Separate Winners From Losers

Bill Hauser had a 45-minute one-on-one call with Brian Tracy, where he asked Brian, “What is the separator between winners and losers?” Brian slightly leaned towards the camera and said, “there are three things that people don’t understand about winning.”

“The Science Of Achieving Goals.”

Now, some of you might feel, what does he mean by that? Today, almost everyone has access to everything at the touch of their fingertips. With so much information available online, we know what extreme potential looks like with Youtube, Instagram, and other social media platforms. But nobody is focusing on “Studying how to achieve goals.”

He believes that every generation should channel 90% of their energy into achieving a very limited number of goals rather than trying to achieve millions of undefined or vague goals that are meaningless to you. Set a few realistic goals and learn how to achieve them with persistence, determination, consistency, etc.

“Preparation – Learning How To Execute” 

You may have noticed that the winners prepare before they accomplish something. Everyone who’s at the top has prepared themselves to achieve their goals. Whatever they do in their lives, they prepare and work towards achieving a few important goals in a specified period.

“Most People Never Question The Core Assumptions Of Their Life”

One of the hardest things to do is to question the core assumptions of our life that rarely get questioned. Whether you run a business or not, this applies to everything you do, where you live or work, or what type of product you sell. It also includes the business model design used by your company. However, achieving mindfulness is hard, as having the ability to question your core assumptions is not that easy.

It’s an unemotional awareness of sensations and thoughts. That means there are no judgments and criticisms attached to that particular thing. As said, the more mindful you are, the more you will challenge the core assumptions of your life.

If you can figure out these three things, there’s nothing that will stop you from becoming more successful than anyone else.

Anxiety Is A Gift

Anxiety is probably one of the powerful tools for human beings that triggers change. How? If you are mindful, you understand that core assumptions are just beliefs limiting you from reaching your true potential. Once you realize how you need to change things around, you may start over and climb the right ladder.

You may feel bad about the whole thing, how you were limiting yourself to a few beliefs, which build the foundation of your core assumptions will help you become more mindful about your current life. Once you’re aware of these limiting or negative beliefs, it produces anxiety. When you feel anxious, you may not know your next step.

This feeling of anxiety is a great gift that you can use, as it will make you take action and seek out answers to your problems. However, if you are not feeling anxious, you are not growing fast enough. So, becoming aware of your limiting beliefs triggers anxiety, which triggers the quest to find answers. If you want to achieve a certain goal and are a little nervous, then you should set a big goal that scares the crap out of you.

Staying committed to bigger goals will detach you from a single perspective and allow you to see the beliefs associated with the current situation, whether good or bad. Now, this drive to work or find answers makes people progress in their lives faster, as they are using anxiety as a tool.

True Progress

Today, most people often mistake busyness for productivity, as they drown their minds with tons of activities and fill their schedule as if there is no time. The feeling of true progress doesn’t begin with a win. Usually, it’s the opposite of an actual win.

The feeling of winning is going through the challenges you face and learning to be mindful in every situation. So, stop filling your schedule with loads of work and running away from negative emotions. Instead, you should face those negative emotions, which are the signs of true progress.