Join the Breakfast Table and Connect With Our Audience

To continue to grow and stay relevant, brands and businesses are looking to connect with their audience in profound and authentic ways, to pipeline fresh and diverse content that serves, and to host meaningful experiences virtually. We support all three through a top podcast, social audio experiences, and influencers who reach millions of people across their social media platforms.

Our podcast hit 100,000 downloads in its first 75 days, and it’s currently averaging around 5,000 downloads per day.

A cutting-edge media company, we’re actively creating memorable moments online and offline. Whether that’s raising $50,000 for Tiffany Haddish’s She Ready Foundation in 6 hours,  providing beds for orphans in Uganda, or hosting three in-person per year across the United States, we build once-in-a-lifetime experiences–and we’re inviting brand partners to join us.

Your audience is already here, waiting for you.

We intentionally create and curate a massive amount of high-quality content unlike any other platform. We’ve gathered a group of thought leaders, influencers, and true practitioners and who vote differently, pray differently, and think differently–but who’s shared purpose to see the audience succeed has created an unparalleled community.

Breakfast With Champions has more than 115,000 members. In 2021, we reached 4 million listeners, from 117 countries listening, on average, for 30 minutes at a time each day.

Our audience is comprised of business owners and aspiring entrepreneurs and it’s approximately 60% female. Our morning content runs 5 AM to noon every weekday. On January 3, 2022 our signature show #RiseandGrind–which previously hit 1,000 episodes–returned as a full video production with five anchors streaming live across multiple social media platforms. 

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