Breakfast With Champions Raises $50,000 for Tiffany Haddish’s She Ready Foundation in 6 Hours then Goes Live from Uganda in Two Immersive Social Audio Events in Less Than 7 Days

At Breakfast with Champions, we are building out social audio experiences to change the way people start their day. In seven days, we used Clubhouse’s new pinned links feature twice to create immersive events to benefit charitable organizations.

For #GivingTuesday, Breakfast With Champions teamed up with Tiffany Haddish’s She Ready Foundation. In six hours, our daily Clubhouse room raised more than $50,000 for foster youth, including a $15,000 match by Grant Cardone.

The morning programming included relevant social audio segments from Glenn Lundy, Founder of Breakfast With Champions who revived #riseandgrind for a special show; as well as the world’s #1 female negotiator Alexandra Carter who shared negotiation lessons from Tiffany Haddish’s career; and President and COO of Breakfast with Champions Sara McCord who closed out the room by giving listeners a “seat at the table” and opportunity to share–as well as many other featured audio influencers.

Throughout the room, the “pinned link” went to a donation page. Listeners were encouraged to give via a specific audio ad (a.k.a., room reset script) every 30 minutes.

Less than a week later, on Monday December 6, Breakfast With Champions used the pinned link on Clubhouse for another experiential fundraising event. This time, the link led to a zoom meeting. The zoom hit capacity with Clubhouse listeners tuning in as Richard Bruce walked attendees through Uganda to meet the orphans they’d be supplying bedding to through a Gofundme.

While grocery shopping, preparing for their day, or driving to work, listeners could engage with the content audio only through Clubhouse and with video as well through zoom. They once again donated to a charitable cause during the call.

These are two powerful examples of what’s next for Breakfast With Champions: access, events, and global impact. We believe the future of social audio is allowing listeners to play an active role in their engagement–and have been actively seeking opportunities to make their live programming more experiential. In this pursuit, we’re also excited to have recently expanded to host Breakfast With Champions on Fireside (with a weekly Friday morning show over breakfast).

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